Quest:Attunement to Dalaran

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Neutral 32 Attunement to Dalaran
StartImage of Archmage Modera or Image of Aethas Sunreaver
EndImage of Archmage Modera or Image of Aethas Sunreaver
Requires Level 71
Experience20,500 XP
or 1Gold23Silver at Level 100
Reputation+250 Kirin Tor
RewardsTeleport: Dalaran
5Gold 30Silver (7Gold 38Silver at level 80)
NextNeutral 15 [74] The Magical Kingdom of Dalaran

Objectives Edit

The Image of Archmage Modera or Image of Aethas Sunreaver at Alliance 15 Stars' Rest or Horde 15 Agmar's Hammer has asked you to become Attuned to the Ley Lines of Northrend.

  • Attuned to the Ley Lines of Northrend

Description Edit

Welcome, mage.

By now you must be wondering where Dalaran is and how to get there.

But before I can teach you how to teleport to our great city, you must attune yourself to the ley lines of Northrend. Otherwise you risk destroying yourself in the process.

Take this attunement crystal and use it in the pit under the surge needle at the Moonrest Gardens to the west/southwest. Then you will be ready to learn the spell.

Rewards Edit

You will learn: Spell arcane teleportdalaran Teleport: Dalaran

You will also receive: 5Gold 30Silver

Progress Edit

Are you attuned? You mustn't lie about this, <name>.

If you fail to prepare yourself properly, and I teach you the spell, the first time that you cast it will be the last time anyone will ever see you!

Completion Edit

Very well. If you are ready, then so am I.

Notes Edit

Find Arcanimus and kill him. Pick up the two-step quest chain from the neutral ghost Ethenial Moonshadow starting with Avenge this Atrocity! before killing him so you don't have to kill him twice. Then stand in the glowing area and use the item.

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Neutral 15 [73] Attunement to Dalaran
  2. Neutral 15 [74] The Magical Kingdom of Dalaran

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