Quest:Assault on Zeb'Nowa

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Horde 32 Assault on Zeb'Nowa
StartFarstrider Solanna[72, 31]
EndFarstrider Solanna[72, 31]
Requires Level 15
Experience1,450 XP
or 8Silver69Copper at Level 100
Reputation+250 Silvermoon City
PreviousAttack on Zeb'Tela

Objectives Edit

Kill 10 Shadowpine Catlords and 10 Shadowpine Hexxers, and return to Farstrider Solanna at the Farstrider Enclave in the Ghostlands.

Description Edit

Time for something a little more challenging. Zeb'Nowa, to the south, is where the more powerful Shadowpine trolls make their home. In our continuing effort to keep the troll numbers to a minimum I'm dispatching you to go down there and assail them by whatever means you have at your disposal.

What do you say, <name>? Ready to deal with some more trolls?

Completion Edit

Unbelievable! You really should talk to the captain about joining up as a Farstrider.

Alright, <name>, you've given us the breathing room that we need to continue building up our forces here. Actually, by your account there aren't many of those trolls left at all! Maybe now we can join with Tranquillien and attack Deatholme?

I think you've earned a little something. Take your pick.

Reward Edit

You will receive 11Silver

Gains Edit

Quest progression Edit

  1. Official horde mini-icon [18] Attack on Zeb'Tela
  2. Official horde mini-icon [19] Assault on Zeb'Nowa

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