Objectives Edit

Ground Commander Xutjja at the edge of the glacier north of Ymirheim has ordered you to use the Kor'kron Suppression Turret to keep the Kor'kron Troop Transport alive long enough to make all of its drops.

Description Edit

Alright scrub, I've got something to keep you from being a complete waste.

A unit of highly trained infiltrators is ready to be dropped inside of Ymirheim. The vrykul inside have automated spear guns that have been ripping our transports to shreds, so we had the engineers on Orgrim's Hammer whip us up a suppression turret.

You're the gunner. Launch rounds at their spear guns to obscure their vision and clog their gears. See to it that my men all make their drops and the transport stays in one piece.

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 7Gold 40Silver

Completion Edit

Only partly useless then. Good work.

Notes Edit

You will be controlling a turret mounted on an airplane which can fire three projectiles in rapid succession before requiring a break to refill energy. The goal is to hit the spear guns scattered throughout Ymirheim, which will prevent them from firing at you for 15 seconds. Aiming is difficult as you are anything but steady. Knowledge of where the turrets are and a good graphics card to support having Terrain Distance at maximum will help significantly.

Quest progression Edit

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