Objectives Edit

Fill the Empty Water Tube at the Auberdine moonwell, and then investigate the red crystal along Darkshore's eastern mountain wall.

Description Edit

Use this empty vial and fill up on some moonwell water here in Auberdine. Such potent magic should provide a clue as to the composition of the crystal. To do that, you'll pour the liquid over the crystal; it should take care of the rest. While I don't anticipate anything bad happening to you, I still want you to be careful. Above us to the east is Felwood; if that crystal is tied to that place as I suspect it is, then it could prove to be very dangerous.

Progress Edit

The crystal looks very alien against the wooded scenery of Darkshore.  You think you hear a very slight humming coming from deep within it.

Completion Edit

You have made it once more to the mysterious crystal.  Removing the stopper on the tube of moonwell water, you gingerly pour the contents out over the top of the crystal.  As the water cascades down its lattices, you see the opaque surface turn transparent...

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Quest progression Edit

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