Objectives Edit

Kill Baron Silverlaine and Commander Springvale.

Description Edit

We've hit an unexpected snag in our assault on the keep, <name>. It seems the servants that tended to Baron Silverlaine and Commander Springvale in life do so now in death as well, and Godfrey has placed them directly between us and him.

Not to worry, we won't let them be anything more than a minor inconvenience. Eliminate Silverlaine and Springvale both and not only will their guards no longer have masters to direct them, it will place us that much closer to our final goal.

Progress Edit

It is infuriating that we have to kill these ghost soldiers when they are completely outside the main objective, but it must be done. Godfrey is a cunning foe indeed.

Completion Edit

We're nearly there, <name>. The time is now to charge further ahead and take out Walden!

Gains Edit

  • 1800 XP
  • 20Silver

Quest Progression Edit

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