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Horde 32 Arcane Missiles
StartFizz Lighter
EndFizz Lighter
Requires Level 3
Experience125 XP
or 75Copper at Level 110
Reputation+75 Bilgewater Cartel
PreviousGive Sassy the News
Do it Yourself
The New You
NextLife of the Party

Objectives Edit

Speak with Fizz Lighter and train [Arcane Missiles], then cast the spell 2 times at a Training Dummy.

Remember, Arcane Missiles have a chance to activate through the use of other offensive spells. Use your [Fireball] spell first on the Training Dummy to enable the casting of your Arcane Missiles spell.

  • Practiced Arcane Missiles (2)

Description Edit

I'm Fizz Lighter, your personal trainer, <sir/ma'am>.

I understand that you're interested in some new insight about being a <class>? Look no further.

I think you'll gain a great deal by me teaching you how to cast Arcane Missiles. It just might help you climb the corporate ladder if you know what I mean.

Learn the spell from me and then go practice casting it a few times on a training dummy across the yard to the southeast.


There you go, boss!

Come back anytime you want more training. I'll teach you what I know.

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

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