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Horde 32 Arakkoa War Path
StartIconSmall Blood Elf FemaleHorde 15 Advisor Faila
EndIconSmall Blood Elf FemaleHorde 15 Advisor Faila
Requires Level 60
CategoryTerokkar Forest
Experience10,050 XP
or 60Silver29Copper at Level 110

Arakkoa War Path is a Horde-only quest in Terokkar Forest. In this quest, players are sent to launch a counter-attack against the arakkoa of the forest, who have been raiding Stonebreaker Hold.

NOTE: Do this quest along with Horde 15 [64] Stymying the Arakkoa and Neutral 15 [62] The Eyes of Skettis for maximum efficiency.

In-game textEdit

Objectives Edit

Advisor Faila asks that you kill 14 Shienor Talonites and 6 Shienor Sorcerers and then return to her in Stonebreaker Hold.

Required for completion:

Description Edit

The arakkoa have attacked us again, this time striking in the night and then using their dark magic to escape before we could charge out to meet them in numbers. They use their summoning circles to rescue their warriors from certain death but they cannot run from us if we attack their homes. Veil Reskk and Veil Shienor lie to the north and northeast.
Find these arakkoa nests and kill as many as you can.

Completion Edit

Well done <class>.  The arakkoa have learned to fear the might of the Horde.

Reward Edit

You will receive 2Gold 70Silver

Walkthrough Edit

Obtaining this quest Edit

At Stonebreaker Hold in Terokkar Forest, talk to Advisor Faila the blood elf.

Completing this quest Edit

The arokkoa for this quest can be found around Veil Reskk and Veil Shienor. A particularly good location for hunting them has been reported at the coordinates 49,14. The mobs are all around level 62.

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