Quest:Aquatic Form (Horde)

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Horde 32 Aquatic Form
StartDendrite Starblaze
EndTurak Runetotem
Requires Level 16
Reputation+500 Cenarion Circle
PreviousTrial of the Sea Lion

Final quest in the series that leads a druid to gaining Aquatic Form quest chain.

Objectives Edit

Return to Thunder Bluff and show Turak Runetotem the Pendant of the Sea Lion.

Description Edit

You have completed the necessary lessons all young druids are taught before they can adopt an aquatic aspect. Go now back to your trainer, Turak Runetotem, in Thunder Bluff. Show him your pendant and prove to him you are ready to learn what he has to teach you. He will complete your training, allowing you to become one with the water.

Goodbye, young druid. We shall speak again.

Progress Edit

Your return to Thunder Bluff is not without heralding, though I will need proof of your lessons learned in Moonglade before I will teach you your aquatic form.

Do you have the Pendant of the Sea Lion?

Completion Edit

Very impressive, <name>. Your ancestors would be pleased with your progress! You're ready to learn your aquatic form, and it is my pleasure to teach it to you.

Also, in recognition of your achievement during the two trials, I give you this item. I hope you'll find it to be a welcome addition to your gear as a protector of nature and a keeper of the balance.

Rewards Edit

Notes Edit

The text of this quest is nearly identical for both factions.

Quest progression Edit

  1. Official alliance mini-icon [16] A Lesson to Learn / Official horde mini-icon [16] A Lesson to Learn
  2. Official alliance mini-icon [16] Trial of the Lake / Official horde mini-icon [16] Trial of the Lake
  3. Official alliance mini-icon [16] Trial of the Sea Lion / Official horde mini-icon [16] Trial of the Sea Lion
  4. Official alliance mini-icon [16] Aquatic Form / Official horde mini-icon [16] Aquatic Form

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