Check the cellar[52.4, 70.4] Eoin Dunwald mentioned for a keg.


Look, buddy. Either you're here to help me find some drink, or you're in the way.

Why don't ya go down to the old storehouse and look downstairs. I had a mighty suspicion that ol' bookkeeper up in there was sneaking sips between pages. I bet he has a keg in his basement!

If ya find anything, come straight back to me! No dallyin'... this is urgent!


You stink of sober! Find me some drink!


Donnelly's belly! That's more like it. Good to not be dyin' of the thirst again.

Here, have some. Good ol' Eoin's never so impolite as ta not share!


You will receive:

You will also be able to choose one of the following:

Inv shoulder leather cataclysm b 02
[Aledrinker Shoulderpads]
Inv bracer 81
[Brewtaster Bracers]
Inv chest plate cataclysm b 02
[Keg-Sized Chestplate]


Travel back down the road from Eoin, and you will come to a building with a sign posted outside: Wildhammer Ale Inside. Private Stash.

Continue inside, where you will find another sign: Ale downstairs. Do not touch. Sincerely, not the bad guys.

The stairs can be hard to find, but keep to the right or left as you enter the building and follow the wall. Once you descend, you will see the Sacred Ale Tap. However, before you can take the ale, you will be ambushed by a small handful of Twilight Shadeprowlers and Twilight Ambushers. Eoin arrives and helps you dispatch them, even chasing after one that attempts to flee up the stairs:

Eoin Dunwald yells: Keep your hands off me ale, ya unclean pint-hatin' mongels!
Eoin Dunwald yells: An' where you think you're goin', sonny?

Once you retrieve the ale, Eoin will meet you at the top of the stairs. The event resets after a short amount of time, so be quick.


Quest progressionEdit

  1. Alliance 15 [84] Dunwalds Don't Die
  2. Alliance 15 [84] Home Again
  3. Alliance 15 [84] Doing It Like a Dunwald

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