Prerequisites Edit

Must have completed the quest Bloodscalp Insight

Objectives Edit

Use the Gift of Naias near the Altar of Naias to summon the water elemental Naias. Defeat him and return to Nemeth Hawkeye at Grom’gol Base Camp with the Heart of Naias.

Quest Text Edit

So this Naias is the mastermind behind the Bloodscalp and their exotic magic? I’ll admit, this is the last place I expected my inquiry to lead, but no matter, our findings may still prove useful.

Off the coast to the northwest is an island inhabited by lesser water elementals. There’s a crude stone slab there that might serve as an altar for the likes of the trolls. Take the totem you found to that altar. Let’s see if we can draw this Naias out and distill his power into a more agreeable form.

Details Edit

The stone altar is at 19,22, on the large island off the coast of northwest Stranglethorn Vale, in the Vile Reef. It is well populated with level 36-37 water elementals. Take the Bloodscalp Totem you retrieved during the quest Bloodscalp Insight and use it with the altar. Naias appears next to the altar.

Naias is pretty easy - just a named level 37 water elemental. He does not have any special abilities or resistances, except for the standard water elemental ones.

Once this quest is complete, the Bloodscalp Totem can be discarded. It is of no further use.

Reward Edit


Quest ProgressionEdit

Additional Notes Edit

This quest was added with patch 2.0.1, "Before the Storm".

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