An Ocean Not So Deep is a new Alliance quest that will replace the now infamous Deep Ocean, Vast Sea in Darkshore for the Cataclysm expansion.

Objectives Edit

Gorbold Steelhand at Lor'danel wants you to speak to Gary for further instructions.

Description Edit

You look like an able sort!

There are a great number of wrecks off of the coast here... most old, some new. For quite some time, I've been trying to get at their holds and put their valuables to more use, but there's a nasty infestation of murlocs that seem to have other ideas. I've sent scores of adventurers and none have returned.

Worry not, I've learned my lesson, and that is not your fate. Swim to the due north and look for Gary. He'll explain the new plan. It's pretty simple really.

Progress Edit

How do you do? I'm Gary, and I assume Gorbold sent you.

If you're here to help, the plan's pretty simple. I've rigged up some decoy bots. We prance this little fellow in near the murlocs and activate the countdown. They'll pulse light and sound to attract the murlocs, and after several seconds they'll explode, taking the murlocs with them.

If we get enough of these in there, we should be able to make our way to the ships' holds again. With less casualties this time hopefully. That part's not for you, though, just get to blowing those little fish men up!

Completion Edit

The decoys worked then? Great to hear it! Don't you worry yourself one bit about the treasures. Me and Gary will take care of the rest this time around.

Truth be told, if something went wrong again and I lost any more of you adventurer types, I'm pretty sure they'd kick me out of town.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv misc questionmark
Glowing Murloc Eye
Inv misc questionmark
Shipwreck Bow

You will also receive: 6Silver


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