Quest:An OOX of Your Own

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Neutral 32 An OOX of Your Own
StartOglethorpe Obnoticus
EndOglethorpe Obnoticus
Requires Level 50
CategoryStranglethorn Vale
Experience7,100 XP
or 42Silver60Copper at Level 100
Reputation+500 Booty Bay
-500 Bloodsail Buccaneers
Rewards[Mechanical Chicken]

This quest completes the quests about Oglethorpe's Homing Robots quest chain.


You've recovered three of my OOX homing robots!  You've gone above and beyond what you needed to, so I will give you something special for all your help.  It is a miniature version of the very same robot that you have come to know and love, the OOX!

I normally wouldn't let anyone have such a potentially lethal device, but you've been a real help.  Besides - the combat mechanisms and the homing logic on this one have been disabled.

Other than that, it's an OOX by golly!


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Quest progression

Neutral 32 Oglethorpe's Homing Robots
Level range48-50
ZonesStranglethorn Vale
The Hinterlands

Oglethorpe's Homing Robots is not so much a chain of quests, as a series of prerequisites enabling a concluding quest.

In each of 3 zones, an OOX homing robot (which looks like a robotic chicken) has been lost, and needs rescuing.

By hunting in each of these zones (for Tanaris, also in Zul'Farrak), you will eventually run across the corresponding homing beacon. Each homing beacon offers a quest to find the corresponding homing robot. Once you have found the robot, you are offered a quest to rescue it.

These rescues involve following the robot to a point where it can take off on its own:

Each time, the robot will be attacked twice or three times by groups of 3 or 4 (depending on the particular ambush) mobs. Also, the robot will attract the attention of any wandering mobs along the way.

Complete all 3 escort and beacon missions, and Oglethorpe Obnoticus will reward you with a scale model of the OOX robot... With the combat and homing mechanisms disabled, of course. Wouldn't want it pecking someone's eye out...


You are given
Spell magic polymorphchicken


Complete all three of the above, and Oglethorpe Obnoticus offers you Neutral 15 [50] An OOX of Your Own.

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