Quest:Ally of the Tauren

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Neutral 32 Ally of the Tauren
StartRavak Grimtotem
EndRavak Grimtotem
Requires Level 60
CategoryAlterac Valley
Experience0 XP
or no coins at Level 100


You have been tasked with slaying opposing gnome players in Alterac Valley. Kill a gnome and return to Ravak Grimtotem at Frostwolf Keep with a Tuft of Gnome Hair.


The Elder Crone has sent me to this warzone to research the other races. More specifically, I am to collect gnome samples. Magatha is primarily interested in their survivability. Aye, the gnomes - while pitifully weak and miniscule - exude great resilience both in and out of combat. Fortunately for you, I am looking for ruffians to do Magatha's bidding. Return to me with tufts of gnome hair and you shall be known to the tauren as an ally.


You will receive:1Gold 80Silver

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Quest level60 +
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