Quest:Alliance Trauma

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Alliance 32 Alliance Trauma
StartNissa Firestone
EndDoctor Gustaf VanHowzen
Requires Level 35
Experience1,380 XP
or 8Silver27Copper at Level 100
NextTriage (Alliance)
For the Horde version, see Quest:Horde Trauma.

Objectives Edit

Travel to Theramore in the Dustwallow Marsh and speak with Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen about joining the ranks of Alliance Trauma.

Description Edit

Doctor <name>, I presume. It is a pleasure to see you.

I have some wonderful news for you! Gustaf VanHowzen, chief physician of Alliance Trauma has made a personal requrest for you to join him at Theramore. This could be the opportunity of a lifetime! I would give anything to be given a chance to study under the great doctor, Gustaf VanHowzen! Do not squander this opportunity, doctor!

Completion Edit

Wonderful. Put on your scrubs, we are to start at once!

Notes Edit

  • You must have at least 225 skill in First Aid to do this quest.

Quest progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [45] Alliance Trauma
  2. Alliance 15 [45] Triage (Alliance)

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