Allegiance to the Old Gods brings notice of dark tidings in Blackfathom Deeps to Zoram'gar Outpost.

Objectives Edit

Bring the Damp Note to Je'neu Sancrea in Ashenvale.

You will need:

Description Edit

Some poor handwriting is scrawled on the crumpled up note:

"Yes, tell all the priestesses to bring the crystals to me. The water elemental spirits are strong within them and they will aid our aquamancers greatly in their own summonings.

By controlling the power within the crystals, we will appease Aku'Mai. One day we will have enough power to bring Aku'Mai back to us and the world will return to its greatest era! An era of rule by the Old Gods!"

Reward Edit

  • 11Silver

Progress Edit

Yes, <name>? What is it you need? There is still much I must learn about the crystals the naga are gathering.

Completion Edit

This is interesting indeed. I am glad you have brought it to my attention.

Now we have a name for our troubles... Lorgus Jett.

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