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Horde 32 Aiding the Outrunners
StartLanthan Perilon [35, 22]
EndOutrunner Alarion [40, 32]
Requires Level 4
CategoryEversong Woods
Experience45 XP
or 27Copper at Level 110
Reputation+10 Silvermoon City
PreviousFelendren the Banished
NextSlain by the Wretched

You can only start the quest Aiding the Outrunners if you complete the Reclaiming Sunstrider Isle quest chain up to this point, but it is not a prerequisite for Slain by the Wretched. It is a blood elf only quest.

Objectives Edit

Speak with Outrunner Alarion near the bridge leading south of Sunstrider Isle.

Description Edit

Magistrix Erona wanted you to head over to Silvermoon City in order to aid our reclamation efforts there... that is, once you had successfully addressed the situation at Falthrien Academy. You did not disappoint us, <Name>.

On your way to Falconwing Square, south of here, you should speak with Outrunner Alarion. She's not far from the bridge.

The Outrunners take care of shuttling goods between here and the mainland, and since you've proven to be so resourceful, they could use your assistance.

Completion Edit

Well hello there, <Class>! I heard that a resourceful young blood elf formerly in the service of Magistrix Erona might be making their way down here to help us Outrunners out. We certainly welcome the help, especially from someone who's proven to be so competent.

I hope you're interested in running an errand or two for us.


Quest ProgressionEdit

  1. Horde 15IconSmall Blood Elf MaleIconSmall Blood Elf Female [1] Reclaiming Sunstrider Isle
  2. Horde 15IconSmall Blood Elf MaleIconSmall Blood Elf Female [3] Unfortunate Measures
  3. Horde 15IconSmall Blood Elf MaleIconSmall Blood Elf Female [3] Report to Lanthan Perilon
  4. Horde 15IconSmall Blood Elf MaleIconSmall Blood Elf Female [4] Aggression
  5. Horde 15IconSmall Blood Elf MaleIconSmall Blood Elf Female [5] Felendren the Banished
  6. Horde 15IconSmall Blood Elf MaleIconSmall Blood Elf Female [5] Aiding the Outrunners (optional)
  7. Horde 15 [5] Slain by the Wretched (possible entry)
  8. Horde 15 [5] Package Recovery
  9. Horde 15 [5] Completing the Delivery

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