Objectives Edit

Slay Overseer Gorthak and any other 12 Horde at the Warsong Lumber Camp.

Description Edit

The Warsong Lumber Camp is a blight upon an embattled landscape. Every time we make progress in halting their operations, Overseer Gorthak[90.8, 58.2] orders his loggers to redouble their efforts!

Now, the orcs are cutting more wood than they can possibly use, leaving it to rot while their blades bite into fresh trees! This is an affront to all we stand for, <name>, and we will show them that we'll not suffer further destruction of our lands!

Go, and do not rest until Overseer Gorthak and his minions are dead!

Completion Edit

At last we have sent a message that the orcs won't dare ignore. Any overseer or foreman who sets foot within the camp to replace Gorthak will feel my wrath!

We must press our advantage, <name>, and never rest until the Warsong Lumber Camp is a distant memory and a glade of trees stands upon that ground.

Now what was this about explosives...?

Rewards Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

You will also be able to choose one of these rewards:

Inv shoulder 13
[Starwhisper Monnions]
Inv chest chain 17
[Woodguard Vest]

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