Quest:Against the Illidari

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Neutral 32 Against the Illidari
StartAltruis the Sufferer
EndAltruis the Sufferer
Requires Level 68
Experience12,650 XP
or 75Silver90Copper at Level 100
NextIllidan's Pupil

Against the Illidari sends the players to Shadowmoon Valley to defeat one of Illidan's lieutenants, Lothros.


Altruis the Sufferer wants you to slay Lothros at Illidari Point in Shadowmoon Valley.

Task to Complete:


The dreadlord Lothros wanders around at the top of Illidari Point. It may be a good idea to clear out a few of the other demons before starting on Lothros.

You must complete Altruis' other 2 quests (Against All Odds and Against the Legion) before you can move to the next step in the quest chain.


I still have respect for Illidan. Without him I would not have found my path.

He is not who he once was, however. His soul has been corrupted by power, his mind has been twisted by defeat. He has become what I am sworn to destroy and his pet servants, the Illidari, are as much of an abomination as any demon of the Burning Legion.

His grasp on Outland is slipping yet his reach is still vast. Prove you're not with him by slaying his lieutenant Lothros at Illidari Point in Shadowmoon Valley.


So you're not with Illidan. You're one step closer to gaining my full trust.

Quest Progression

Karabor Training Grounds/Chain

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