Objectives Edit

Scout the Scarlet Crusade camp located east of Felstone Field in Western Plaguelands.

  • Scarlet Crusade camp scouted

Description Edit

Our victories are quickly piling up, <name>. The Scarlet Crusade, which has long persecuted the Forsaken, is on its last legs. While they still hold their monastery here in Tirisfal, they no longer occupy Hearthglen, or Tyr's Hand, far to the east.

As recently as last week, there have been reports of Scarlet Crusade activity at a small camp east of Felstone Field, but I have reason to believe that they too have been eliminated. Travel there, and verify this information for me.

Progress Edit

Have you seen the camp yet, <name>?

Completion Edit

Burning bodies? No survivors? I guessed correctly.

All the better! We're better off without the Scarlet taint upon Lordaeron. They epitomized all the worst things about humans.

Rewards Edit

You will also recieve: 30Silver

Patches and hotfixes Edit

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