Quest:A Visit to Gregan

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Alliance 32 A Visit to Gregan
EndGregan Brewspewer
Requires Level 47
CategoryUn'Goro Crater
Experience1,500-3,800 XP
or  at Level 110
PreviousMuigin and Larion
NextHaze of Evil

Objectives Edit

Take a Bloodpetal to Gregan Brewspewer in Feralas.

Item Provided:

Quest Text Edit

I'm not quite sure what to make of this, <name>. The plants... they seem to have some minimal intelligence.

I'm no expert, though. But, I do know someone that is!

Head to northern Feralas, and look for a buddy of mine named Gregan Brewspewer. He's an expert on this sort of thing.

I'm sure Gregan can help us out here. You'll find him out in the wilderness; he's not the type to live in a big city.

Progress Edit

I live out here in the forest... Peaceful.

Well, at least I thought it would be. I get more visitors out here than I ever did when I lived in Ironforge!

Completion Edit

Bloodpetal, eh? Hmmm... Well, you better explain the plan, and then I'll tell you whether or not I can help you.

Details Edit

  • Gregan can be found in the northern section of Feralas near a tent. If you look on the map, he's right on the first "T" in words "The Twin Colossals" [45, 25].

Quest ProgressionEdit

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