Quest:A Troubling Breeze

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Alliance 32 A Troubling Breeze
StartAthridas Bearmantle
EndGaerolas Talvethren
Requires Level 4
Experience270 XP
or 1Silver61Copper at Level 110
Reputation+75 Dalaran
NextGnarlpine Corruption

A Troubling Breeze is an Alliance only quest in Teldrassil, the night elf starting zone. In this quest, players are sent by Athridas Bearmantle to Starbreeze Village for a report from Gaerolas Talvethren

Objectives Edit

Seek out Gaerolas Talvethren in Starbreeze Village.

Description Edit

A troubling breeze blows through the forest.

Gaerolas Talvethren serves as Great Warden to the hibernating Druids of the Talon in the Ban'ethil Barrow Den. His duty as the chosen protector of the Sleeping is to ensure their safety so that their pact with Ysera remains fulfilled.

But word from Gaerolas is now delayed and I grow nervous. Travel east to Starbreeze Village and bring back a report from Gaerolas so that I can put my worries to rest, knowing my dreaming brethren slumber safely.


Thank the forest spirits you are here! I knew Athridas would sense trouble and send help.

Walkthrough Edit

Quest collection Edit

Athridas Bearmantle [55.9, 57.3] is standing outside the northern building of Dolanaar. Speak with him to receive this quest.

Quest completion Edit

Gaerolas Talvethren [66.3, 58.6] is located in Starbreeze Village [63, 57] in the first and largest building. Gaerolas is laying on the ground of the second floor. Speak with him to complete this quest and obtain the next in the chain.

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Alliance 15 [6] A Troubling Breeze
  2. Alliance 15 [6] Gnarlpine Corruption
  3. Alliance 15 [9] The Relics of Wakening
  4. Alliance 15 [12] Ursal the Mauler

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