Quest:A Traitor Among Us (Howling Fjord)

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Neutral 32 A Traitor Among Us
StartHandsome Terry
CategoryHowling Fjord
Experience5,050 XP
or 30Silver30Copper at Level 100
PreviousThe Fragrance of Money
NextZeh'gehn Sez


Speak to Zeh'gehn at Scalawag Point.


Our second in command, Annie Bonn, has been acting rather paranoid as of late. She seems sure we have an infiltrator in our ranks, can ye believe it?

Anyhow, we have a foolproof way of uncovering rats around these parts. See, good ole' Zeh'gehn over here happens to be an authentic witch doctor. His family hails all the way from Zul... something or other.

Go let him know that we're in need of his divination skills. I must warn ye, <name>, only one or two of us can understand anything Zeh'gehn says.


Ku here, mate. Ye come fe see I an' I, aye?

Quest progression

Neutral 32 Forgotten Treasure
StartHandsome Terry
EndHandsome Terry
Requires Level 69
CategoryHowling Fjord
Experience20,100 XP
or 1Gold20Silver59Copper at Level 100
NextThe Fragrance of Money


Handsome Terry at Scalawag Point wants you to bring him 1 Amani Vase and 1 Eagle Figurine from the shipwreck to the south.

Provided Item:


I've made my fortune by specializing in treasure that regular pirates don't appreciate: art, antiquities, collector's pieces.

Black Conrad's fleet sank south of here years ago. All the gold and jewelry was picked clean by divers, but two ancient relics remain there. One is a museum-quality Amani vase, the other is an eagle figurine.

Go and retrieve them for me and I'll vouch for you with the other pirates. I'll even throw in something to make your underwater adventure a bit more manageable.


Did you obtain my relics, <name>? Nobody gets by in this life on good looks alone... not even me!


We're going to go places together, <name>. With my good looks and your... can-do attitude, we're sure to make a killing.


Use the Inv misc organ 02 [Fish Bladder] he provides you.

Quest progression

  1. Neutral 15 [71] Forgotten Treasure
  2. Neutral 15 [71] The Fragrance of Money
  3. Neutral 15 [71] A Traitor Among Us
  4. Neutral 15 [71] Zeh'gehn Sez
  5. Neutral 15 [71] A Carver and a Croaker
  6. Neutral 15 [71] "Crowleg" Dan
  7. Neutral 15 [71] Meet Number Two
  8. Neutral 15 [71G3] The Jig is Up

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