Objectives Edit

Correctly answer one of Evelyna's[65, 50.6] questions about the history of Azeroth.

  • Answered Evelyna's question

Description Edit

Destiny. Fate. Karma. Words like these imply that the timeways are unassailable.

Would that were the case. To this day, many of Azeroth's inhabitants yearn to change the past. Yet just as our experiences shape us, they also shape the world around us.

Consider how those threads have woven the fabric of today's reality. Cut enough threads, and causation inevitably fails, unraveling that fabric. Indeed, cutting even a single thread short can result in disaster, provided it is the right thread.

Completion Edit

This is the great burden of the Historian - should Azeroth's timeways come under attack, we must reconstruct history exactly as it happened, or the consequences could be dire. As we spread our stories and knowledge, so do we create a stronger future for us all.

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

  • 47100 XP
  • 45Gold 60Silver

Questions Edit

  • Arthas's death knights were trained in a floating citadel that was taken by force when many of them rebelled against the Lich King. What was the fortress's name? Acherus
  • Before Ripsnarl became a worgen, he had a family. What was his wife's name?: Calissa Harrington
  • Before the original Horde formed, a highly contagious sickness began spreading rapidly among the orcs. What did the orcs call it?: Red pox
  • In Taur-ahe, the language of the tauren, what does lar'korwi mean?: Sharp claw
  • In the assault on Icecrown, Horde forces dishonorably attacked Alliance soldiers who were busy fighting Scourge and trying to capture this gate.: Mord'rethar
  • Name the titan lore-keeper who was a member of the elite Pantheon.: Norgannon
  • Not long ago, this frail Zandalari troll sought to tame a direhorn. Although he journeyed to the Isle of Giants, he was slain in his quest. What was his name?: Talak
  • Succubus demons revel in causing anguish, and they serve the Legion by conducting nightmarish interrogations. What species is the succubus?: Sayaad
  • The draenei like to joke that in the language of the naaru, the word Exodar has this meaning.: Defective elekk turd
  • The Ironforge library features a replica of an unusually large ram's skeleton. What was the name of this legendary ram?: Toothgnasher
  • What evidence drove Prince Arthas to slaughter the people in Stratholme during the Third War?: Tainted grain
  • What is the highest rank bestowed on a druid?: Archdruid
  • What phrase means "Thank you" in Draconic, the language of the dragons?: Belan shi
  • While working as a tutor, Stalvan Mistmantle became obsessed with one of his students, a young woman named Tilloa. What was the name of her younger brother?: Giles
  • White wolves were once the favored mounts of which orc clan?: Frostwolf clan

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