Quest:A Threat in Feralas

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Horde 32 A Threat in Feralas
StartIconSmall Orc MaleHorde 15 Belgrom Rockmaul
EndIconSmall Orc FemaleHorde 15 Rok Orhan
Requires Level 38
Experience90-900 XP
or  at Level 110
NextHorde 15 [43] The Ogres of Feralas

After accepting Horde 15 [43] The Ogres of Feralas, this quest becomes unavailable.

In-game textEdit

Objectives Edit

Belgrom Rockmaul wants you to speak with Rok Orhan in Camp Mojache.


Feralas is an ideal location for an accomplished <class> to prove himself. A tribe of ogres called the Gordunni are the dominant military force there, and their numbers are growing. They must be stopped before they threaten our presence in Feralas.
A warrior I know of named Rok Orhan resides at Camp Mojache in Feralas; go to her. She will tell you more of the situation when you arrive.


So, Belgrom sent you. You are just in time, <race>.
Let me explain the situation, and then you can decide if you are up to the challenge... But if Belgrom sent you, I am sure your courage is unquestionable.

Quest Progression Edit

  1. Horde 15 [43] A Threat in Feralas
  2. Horde 15 [43] The Ogres of Feralas (1)
  3. Horde 15 [44] The Ogres of Feralas (2)

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