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Neutral 32 A Strange Historian
StartCarlin Redpath
Requires Level 39
CategoryEastern Plaguelands
Experience45-455 XP
or  at Level 110
PreviousUncle Carlin
NextVillains of Darrowshire, Heroes of Darrowshire, Marauders of Darrowshire, Cenarion Tenacity

Objectives Edit

Bring Joseph's Hunting Blade to Chromie.

Description Edit

That sword belonged to Joseph Redpath, Pamela's father - though you probably already knew that. I wish Joseph could again be with his daughter, but it cannot be so. His soul was twisted by the Scourge, and he became a monster.

Pamela's fate is sealed, but perhaps we can change Joseph's fate.

A strange gnome arrived here at this tower not long ago. Her name is Chromie. Take that sword to her. I have a feeling she will be able to help us.

Progress Edit

There is something timely about your visit. You're not from the future, are you?

Completion Edit

What is this? A warsword? A butter knife? I'm useless when it comes to blades. Let me see...

Ah! This sword was once in the hand of a great man, but there is much tradgedy in that man's past.

Are you here to help him? It's far too late for him now... but perhaps we can help him in the past!

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