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Horde 32 A Spirit Guide
StartFar Seer Regulkut
EndGorkan Bloodfist
Requires Level 60
CategoryHellfire Peninsula
Experience10,500 XP
or 63Silver at Level 110
ReputationMag'har +700
PreviousThe Warchief's Mandate
NextThe Mag'har

A Spirit Guide takes the adventurer to find the creators of the strange axe.

Objectives Edit

Use the Wolf Totem at the location where you found Krun Spinebreaker's body and follow the Ancestral Spirit Wolf.

Description Edit

Even our best tracking wolves' senses can fail them, <name>. The spirits have a way of seeing the world differently than ours. The being you will call forth will find the person you seek, for they'll be drawn not to their scent but their essence.

Go now, <class>, take this totem with you and use it at the location you found the stone axe.


You need to use the wolf totem around the Fel Orc Corpse at location 33.60 ,43.60. This will summon a ghostly wolf which you will need to follow. The wolf will ignore all enemies so you'll need to watch out when following it.

Progress Edit

You are lucky to be alive.

Completion Edit

Who are you to walk in here unannounced? I ordered my men to stay their hand only because Ryga sensed that the spirits were with you.

Speak freely, but choose your words wisely. We rarely trust strangers this close to the Citadel.

Quest progressionEdit

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