Quest:A Refugee's Quandary

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Alliance 32 A Refugee's Quandary
StartFelix Whindlebolt
EndFelix Whindlebolt
Requires Level 3
CategoryColdridge Valley
Experience250 XP
or 1Silver50Copper at Level 110
ReputationGnomeregan Exiles +250
Ironforge +250

Objectives Edit

Bring [Felix's Box], [Felix's Chest] and [Felix's Bucket of Bolts] to Felix Whindlebolt in Anvilmar.

Description Edit

We drove the troggs out of Gnomeregan, but then it all went so horribly wrong! Now our home is completely irradiated, and we gnomes have been scattered all over Dun Morogh.

In my haste to get away from the radiation, I lost all my personal belongings and tools. It was the trolls that got them. They stole my chest, my box, and my bucket of bolts! They took them back to their camps southwest of Anvilmar.

I'm no adventurer - could you find my things and bring them here to me, please?

Rewards Edit

You will receive 50Copper.

Progress Edit

Oh goodness <name>, this town is not well suited for the likes of me. There are as many nasty creatures here as there were in Gnomeregan before the accident!

Do you have my belongings? If you don't, then who knows what the trolls have done with them now...

Completion Edit

Huzzah, you've found them! You're an absolute savior, my friend. Here, it's not much, but it's something for the trouble I've put you through! Thank you!

Video Walk Through Edit

This short video by Kidknie Rippender walks you through the quest.

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