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Horde 32 A Present for Lila
StartHorde 15 Marith Lazuria
EndHorde 15 Marith Lazuria
Requires Level 1
Rewards16Gold 53Silver1 Inv misc token argentdawn3

This daily quest requires 475 jewelcrafting

Objectives Edit

Cut three Timeless Nightstones and give them to Horde 15 Marith Lazuria in Orgrimmar.

Description Edit

I'm trying to impress this trade ship captain Lila. I've been working on a necklace to match her lovely purple hair, but the gems have gone missing! They were there when I was showing them off to my good friend Bonder last evening. We were drinking moonshine and I blacked out - when I woke up the gems were gone! They must have been darn good thieves, because Bonder didn't see anything.

Her ship is coming in tonight, and I really need three nightstones to get her present done. Help me out here!

Rewards Edit

16Gold 53Silver1 Inv misc token argentdawn3 at level 80.

Completion Edit

Thanks! I'm sure to beat out that Isabela Jones in Stormwind with these! I can't wait to see the look in her beautiful eye when I give this to her.

Quest progression Edit

Have you brought me the nightstones?

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