Quest:A Noble Brew

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Alliance 32 A Noble Brew
StartZardeth of the Black Claw
EndZardeth of the Black Claw
Requires Level 25
CategoryStormwind City
Experience2,450 XP
or 14Silver69Copper at Level 100
NextA Noble Brew

A Noble Brew begins the "A Noble Brew" quest chain.


Zardeth the Black Claw wants you to bring him a Tear of Tilloa from Darkshire and a Musquash Root from the Wetlands.


Lord Wishock is causing quite a stir amongst the House of Nobles. He was made aware of our little "establishment" down here and is lobbying for a full investigation. I have a plan to keep Wishock "preoccupied," but I'll need your help.

There is a flower growing in the Garden of Stalvan on the outskirts of Darkshire. This small white flower is known as the Tear of Tilloa. I will also need a Musquash Root, found only at the very base of the falls far beneath the Stonewrought Dam in the Wetlands.


You will receive: 25Silver


Wishock will soon garner enough support to cause us much grief. Were you able to obtain the Tear of Tilloa or Musquash Root yet?


Most excellent! These are fine samples indeed!


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 2450 XP (or 15Silver at level 80)


The Tear of Tilloa is found at [78.5, 35.9] in Duskwood. The Musquash Root is found at [64.7, 75.3] in the Wetlands.

Quest progression

  1. Alliance 15 [30] A Noble Brew
  2. Alliance 15 [30] A Noble Brew
  3. Alliance 15 [30] You Have Served Us Well

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