Prequisites Edit

Must have completed Horde 15 [24] Weapons of Choice.

Objectives Edit

Bring an Unrefined Ore Sample to Tatternack Steelforge in Camp Taurajo.

You will need:

Details Edit

This quest is categorized as The Barrens but you find the kobolds you need to kill in the Thousand Needles.

Description Edit

<Class>, you have done well in helping me in the past. The warchief is pleased thus far with what I've accomplished, and asks me to continue with renewed determination. My honor dictates that I give you proper recognition to the warchief for all you have done, but first I would ask you for your help again.

Travelers recently came from the south from a place called Thousand Needles. There they killed a kobold who had an unusual ore sample, but they would not sell it. I want a sample of that ore to examine.

Progress Edit

I saw the travelers again--the ones that would not sell me a sample of the ore. I spit at them for not helping the warchief.

May they die in battle like cowards and not like warriors as should be the right of all people who ally themselves with the Horde.

Completion Edit

A good sample, <name>. A good sample indeed.

Those travelers can no longer lord over me the ore they found, now that you have been successful.

I shall get to work on it immediately. If it proves strong enough, I will send a weapon crafted from the material back to the warchief to show him our success.

I shall not forget your help, <class>.

Rewards Edit

You will receive the following:

Quest ProgressionEdit

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