Quest:A Mother's Worries

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Alliance 32 A Mother's Worries
StartDerina Rumdnul
EndDerina Rumdnul
Requires Level 20
Experience180-1,750 XP
or  at Level 110

Objectives Edit

Kill 10 Harbor Shredfins.

Description Edit

My son Gimlok's the light of my life. It warms my heart to see him playin' with the other children.

I can't help but worry, though. There's sharks not but a few feet away in the bay. If it's deep enough for one to swim its way here...

I can't bear it! Please, you're clearly one <race> that's seen tougher situations than us townsfolk. Would you get rid of those nasty sharks for me? At least a few?

Completion Edit

Oh, bless your heart, to do such a thing for a married woman like me. You're too kind.

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 14Silver

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