Recover 10 stolen Tallstrider Legs for ?? at the Argent Tournament Grounds.


The Argent Crusade dispatched a fast ship carrying tallstrider meat and other supplies for us here at the tournament grounds, but it never arrived. Scouts reported seeing it attacked by the kvaldir, fearsome vrykul raiders who roam the seas.

They've slain the crew and taken the cargo to an island called Hrothgar's Landing. If you look to the north, you can see it shrouded in the mist. Would you help us recovering the stolen supplies? Without those tallstrider legs, we'll soon be out of food.


You will receive
Ability paladin artofwar
[Champion's Seal]
7Gold 40Silver


Were you able to recover any of the missing supplies?



Stolen Tallstrider Legs are found all over Hrothgar's Landing. They are very easy to spot, there are usually two or three pieces of meat at some points. The kvaldir also typically have a leg on them, which is good as there tend to be a few mobs within each leg's aggro radius.

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