Reavij left A Job Undone and Magasha has to clean up after him.

Objectives Edit

Magasha at Swamprat Post wants you to kill Sporewing.

Description Edit

Someone needs to find a way to make Reavij come to his senses! He's ignoring his duty and instead, he's devoting all his energy to getting my attention. I've tried ignoring him and telling him to stop. Nothing seems to work.

Until he gets over this, I'm left cleaning up after him. He was supposed to have dealt with Sporewing, but I'll bet the monster is alive and well. If you have time, would you mind going to the western part of the Dead Mire and killing the bat? I'll deal with Reavij in the meantime.

Details Edit

Sporewing spawns to the southwest of the Dead Mire, west of the pumping equipment (location 76,45). It occasionally releases a nature-based spore cloud that lowers your armor by 15% and does periodic poison damage.

Reward Edit

You may choose one of the following:

You will also receive:

  • 2Gold 70Silver

Completion Edit

At least someone is pulling his weight around here. Thank you for taking care of that matter, <name>. I need to have a word with Zurai about Reavij. His scheming and daydreaming have gone on long enough.

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