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Alliance 32 A Huge Problem
StartCommander Zanoth
EndCommander Zanoth
Requires Level 85
CategoryTol Barad
Experience69,400 XP
or 4Gold16Silver39Copper at Level 110
Reputation+250 Hellscream's Reach
Rewards9Gold 40Silver1 Achievement zone tolbarad

Objectives Edit

You have been asked to kill Problim, a giant ettin that roams the paths of Tol Barad.

  • Suggested players: 3

Description Edit

We finally capture this godforsaken rock and then we find out that there is a huge ettin roaming around, taking out our sentry patrols!

<name>, I need you to round up a few friends and take that ettin down. We can't have a beast like that roaming around, wreaking havoc.

Stay alert, reports from the front say that he is carrying a huge tree as a weapon, and he is not afraid to use it.

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 9Gold 40Silver

Completion Edit

You actually killed him?! I can't believe it!

Gains Edit

Patches and hotfixes Edit

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Patch date23 November 2010 +
Quest ID28657 +
Quest factionAlliance +
Quest level85 +
Quest nameA Huge Problem +
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