Objectives Edit

Get [Venture Co. Explosives] from any of the Venture Company units at Swindlegrin's Dig and use them to obtain a Stormwatcher's Head. Bring the Stomwatcher's Head to Rejek at Frenzyheart Hill.

Description Edit

Rejek hears tales of giant metal men on faraway Stormwright's Shelf. Far to northwest, outside Basin's lip, you will find it.

Imagine Rejek using heads of giant metal men as helmet. Make Rejek unstoppable! Make Rejek mighty!

You get for Rejek, but metal head might not come off metal body easy. Maybe steal bombs from little green men and their friends at Swindlegrin's Dig near Suntouched Pillar? Use bombs to get head off metal body, then bring to Rejek.

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 7Gold 40Silver

Progress Edit

You bring Rejek's new helmet?

Completion Edit

Rejek sees you were successful! Now Rejek try on new war helmet.

Notes Edit

Rejek's Helmet


After completing the quest, Rejek puts on his new helmet.

Rejek says: Who wants to see Rejek's new helmet?
Frenzyheart Pup says: I wanna see!
Frenzyheart Pup says: Show me too!
Rejek says: Ok, Rejek show!

<Rejek turns around and puts on the "helmet">

Rejek says: What you think?
Frenzyheart Pup says: Metalhead ate Rejek! Run!
Rejek says: Rejek like! If helmet scares pups, Rejek can't wait to see what it does to big-tongue cowards!

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