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Alliance 32 A Helping Hand
StartVindicator Palanaar
EndArchitect Nemos
Requires Level 19
Experience830 XP
or 4Silver97Copper at Level 110
Reputation+25 Exodar
NextA Shameful Waste

Objectives Edit

Speak with Architect Nemos[86, 44] at Forest Song in Ashenvale.

Vindicator Palanaar can offer you a ride to get you there more swiftly.

Description Edit

Under the supervision of Architect Nemos and Vindicator Vedaar, my people are revitalizing an old night elf outpost in the eastern part of Ashenvale.

The task of building won't be easy, <name>, for the challenges and enemies they face are many. I know Architect Nemos and his compatriots at Forest Song would appreciate any help they can get, and he has asked me to send any interested <men/women> his way.

Speak to me again and I will arrange for fast transport for you to their location.

Completion Edit

It's good to see another new arrival here at Forest Song.

Vindicator Palanaar is sending as much help as she can muster and each set of hands is appreciated.

Take a look around, <class>. It may not be much now, but with time and help from our night elf allies, we'll build a settlement worthy of calling home. There is much to be done here and any help you can provide would be welcome.


You will receive:

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