Quest:A Good Head on Your Shoulders

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Neutral 32 A Good Head on Your Shoulders
StartTrenton Lighthammer
EndTrenton Lighthammer
Requires Level 40
Experience390-3,900 XP
or  at Level 110
RewardsPlans for [Ornate Mithril Helm]
PreviousGalvan's Finest Pupil
The quest The Art of the Armorsmith requires that you provide some number of Ornate Mithril Helms. This quest gives you that recipe.

Objectives Edit

Bring two Mithril Coifs and one Ornate Mithril Shoulder to Trenton Lighthammer.

Quest text Edit

It seems as if master had this planned from the start. I was not taught to create the items which you learned to create and you were not taught the items which I learned to create.

The master is wise, <name>. We shall teach each other!

Show me how to make a mithril coif and ornate mithril shoulders and I shall show you how to create an ornate mithril helm.

Progress Edit

Have you completed the crafting of the items, <name>?

Completion Edit

Excellent! A fair tradeoff, if I do say so myself. Watch and learn, <name>!

Reward Edit

Notes Edit

This quest is part of the Mithril Order series of quests taken by Blacksmiths to become an Armorsmith.

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