Quest:A Gesture of Goodwill

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Alliance 32 A Gesture of Goodwill
StartOfficial alliance mini-icon Ambassador Rualeth
EndOfficial alliance mini-icon Ambassador Rualeth
Requires Level 42
CategoryThe Hinterlands
Experience4,050 XP
or 24Silver30Copper at Level 100
ReputationExodar +250


Ambassador Rualeth at Aerie Peak wants you to slay Witch Doctor Mai'jin and his pet spider Tcha'kaz.


The rugged terrain of the Hinterlands is not only home to the Wildhammer dwarves and their gryphons, but also to a number of forest troll tribes.

The trolls view the Wildhammers as squatters on their ancestral lands and spare no opportunity to accost the dwarves by attacking the gryphon aeries. One way to prove ourselves in the eyes of the Wildhammer is to help staunch these attacks by killing a Witherbark leader, Witch Doctor Mai'jin, who shelters in a cave at Bogen's Ledge, to the west of Shadra'Alor.


  • 65Silver
  • 4050 Experience
  • +250 reputation with Exodar


Well done, <name>. The Wildhammers will be heartened to know that they don't stand against the Witherbark trolls alone. Showing them that the Alliance can prove a reliable partner in protecting the gryphons should lend more weight to our proposition.


As described in the quest Mai'jin is found in the small cave west of Shadra'Alor together with his spider. They are both non-elite and easy to kill for players around the same level.

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