Quest:A Favor for Evershine

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Alliance 32 A Favor for Evershine
StartRejold Barleybrew
EndRejold Barleybrew
Requires Level 6
CategoryDun Morogh
Experience525 XP
or 3Silver14Copper at Level 110
PreviousAlliance 15 [7] Evershineω τ ϖ
NextAlliance 15 [8] Return to Bellowfizω τ ϖ

Objectives Edit

Kill 6 Ice Claw Bears, 8 Elder Crag Boars, and 8 Snow Leopards, and then return to Rejold Barleybrew in Brewnall Village.

Description Edit

I have a cask of Evershine handy, but...can you do me a favor? Brewnall village could use a hand against the wild animals that wander the nearby snows. Sometimes they wander close. We're not afraid of these bears and cats and boars - no self-respecting dwarf would be - but if you can take care of those animals for us, then we'd have more time for our crafting and brewing.

Completion Edit

Thank you, <name>.  It'll be nice to work our crafts without hearing so many growls and snorts outside the village.

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Quest progression Edit

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