This quest gives you a Crystalforged Darkrune. The Crystalforged Darkrune is used to start the Shartuul's Transporter event, notable for the loot acquired upon successful completion.

Quest TextEdit

Da demons are making da Forge Camp: Wrath bigger. Soon, dey be too big and crush us. You crush dem first!

Shartuul's transporter is da key, but it protected by a magic shield and a demon called a degrader. Us powerful warlock, and make special darkrune dat give you control of da degrader. <race> give Gahk darkrune, us give <race> crystalforged darkrune back.

Take control of da degrader and possess as many of da demons dat come through da gate as you can ta stop dem!

Completion Edit

Little <race>, remember, when you control da degrader, you use its hammer ta smash da warp-gate's shield and let loose da demon within.

Den you crush dat demon and control it. Den another demon come and you control it, until da eredar overseer come.

Den you crush him too!!!

Rewards Edit

Icon-shortcutSee also: Shartuul's Transporter event 

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