Objectives Edit

Collect 10 Theramore Medals from Theramore Marines and Deck Hands. Kill Lieutenants Pyre and Buckland.

Description Edit

Yet another ship from my fleet has been lost to those overzealous humans from Theramore!

Their new Rear Admiral has parked himself right off the coast here. He's boarding or sinking any vessel that doesn't heave-to at his whim.

Travel south along the Merchant Coast to his camp. Bring me the medals of the marines and deck hands. Execute his top Lieutenants, Pyre and Buckland. Lay waste to them as they have laid waste to my fleet!

Progress Edit

Fill my hand with medals from their dead and I will know that vengeance has been given to my fallen privateers.

Completion Edit

I see you've mad the righteous Rear Admiral suffer as I have. Perhaps this blow will weaken the resolve of Northwatch. His supply of fresh recruits seems inexhaustible, but the loss of his top Lieutenants will weaken him for some time.

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