Quartermaster Enuril is a level 62 Scryers faction rewards vendor located in the southeastern Shattrath City bank. He is affiliated with the Scryers.

See List of Shattrath City NPCs.

Items Sold Edit

Quartermaster Enuril <Scryers Quartermaster>
Friendly [Plans: Enchanted Adamantite Belt] 6Gold
[Design: Runed Blood Garnet] 6Gold
Honored [Pattern: Enchanted Clefthoof Boots] 8Gold
[Pattern: Enchanted Felscale Gloves] 8Gold
[Pattern: Mystic Spellthread] 6Gold
[Plans: Enchanted Adamantite Boots] 6Gold
[Design: Dazzling Deep Peridot] 6Gold
Revered [Pattern: Enchanted Clefthoof Gloves] 8Gold
[Pattern: Enchanted Felscale Boots] 8Gold
[Pattern: Magister's Armor Kit] 5Gold
[Plans: Enchanted Adamantite Breastplate] 6Gold
[Recipe: Elixir of Major Firepower] 6Gold
[Design: Pendant of Withering] 12Gold
[Gauntlets of the Chosen] 16Gold 9Silver 92Copper
[Retainer's Leggings] 22Gold 61Silver 20Copper
[Scryer's Bloodgem] 17Gold 59Silver 52Copper
[Seer's Cane] 56Gold 93Silver 15Copper
Exalted [Scryers Tabard] 1Gold
[Pattern: Enchanted Clefthoof Leggings] 8Gold
[Pattern: Enchanted Felscale Leggings] 8Gold
[Pattern: Runic Spellthread] 36Gold
[Plans: Enchanted Adamantite Leggings] 8Gold
[Retainer's Blade] 208Gold 3Silver 72Copper
[Seer's Signet] 79Gold 1Silver 12Copper

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