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  • Pygmy Oil
  • Item Level 75
    Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Use: Drink it.
  • Sell Price: 7Silver 50Copper


This item is crafted with Alchemy (375); taught by Alchemy trainers in Northrend.

Materials required:
Inv misc fish 55
1x [Pygmy Suckerfish]

Processing 1 Inv misc fish 55 [Pygmy Suckerfish] creates 1-2 Pygmy Oil.

This item can also be found inside the [Bag of Fishing Treasures] rewarded from completing Marcia Chase's daily fishing quests in Dalaran. The bag may contain 3 to 5 of them.

Drinking straight Pygmy Oil will give you a 10 min. buff and reduce your character's size a small amount. This effect is stackable and further applications continue to shrink your character. At any random time your character will transform into a female voodoo masked Gnome.


There seems to be a gag or a bug where if you defeat Mal'Ganis in Culling of Stratholme while under the effcts of the Pygmy Oil, your character could change from a female voodoo gnome into a female human.

Pygmy Oil can stack with Baby Spice to make your character smaller than most Critter.

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