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Faction/AffiliationIndependent, Tol'vir (Neferset).
Character classesHeadhunter, Shaman, Witch Doctor, Thief, Scout.
Racial capitalUnknown
Racial leader(s)Yngwie (Lost Isles)
Sultan Oogah (Uldum, presumed).
Racial mountHyena, Turtle
180px-Pygmy Shaman Redknuckle

Pygmies are a race of small primitive humanoids found on the Lost Isles and Uldum.

They are related to goblins.[1]

History Edit

On the Lost Isles Edit

The pygmies on the Lost Isles are found by the Bilgewater Cartel goblins after the goblins' escape from Kezan. The pygmies have enslaved the monkeys on the island to mine kaja'mite. They worship Volcanoth, and transform goblins into zombies so that their "god" can get a snack. The pygmies also planned to release Volcanoth upon the Town-In-A-Box, but were unable to do so.

In Uldum Edit

In Cataclysm, many zones will have a sort of introduction. In Uldum, the player will follow Adarrah, Budd Nedreck and the others on a camel carvavan into Uldum to help them do what they do best: stealing ancient artifacts. Unluckily, the caravan is ambushed by pygmy mercenaries, who bring the prisoners to the Neferset who pay the pygmies with coconuts.

Appearance Edit

Pygmies are small humanoid creatures, about the size of goblins. Their skin ranges in many tones of peach to dark brown.

Culture Edit

Language Edit

Pygmies appear to speak a primitive language, though some have learned to speak Low Common.

Magic Edit

Pygmies use voodoo magic, as noted by many witch doctors in both Oomlot and Oostan tribes. There are also shamans in Oomlot tribe.

Tribes Edit

Notable Edit

Speculation Edit


A pygmy Oomlot Shaman

This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.
  • They may be related to gnomes due to their size and look. They may also be related to trolls due to their interest in kaja'mite and use of voodoo rituals.
The former seems more plausible, however. Considering goblins became intelligent due to exposure to kaja'mite, perhaps gnomes are pygmies that were exposed to kaja'mite. This may, however, not be true, as gnomes are known to derive from mechagnomes that were afflicted with the Curse of Flesh. Possibly, pygmies may be a "missing link" between mechagnomes and normal gnomes, or a gnome equivalent of the dwarven trogg. It is noteworthy how pygmies are very similar to sand gnomes.
  • Due to their primitive manner of speaking, its been speculated that Low Common is their primary language.

Notes Edit

  • In the early 0400Cataclysm-Logo-Small Cataclysm demos, pygmies used the model of gnomes of both genders.[citation needed] Currently they have their own unique model, but only males are seen.
  • Apparently, Uldum was planned to be inhabited by sand gnomes (ones that were parodies of Jawas rather than Fremen).[citation needed] In the end, they were replaced by pygmies instead.
  • Pygmies can suck the life force of their enemies.[citation needed]

Trivia Edit

  • The pygmies were apparently going to worship a giant gorilla named Kong, even having a giant wall surrounding his cavern.[citation needed] This cavern later turned into an escape route for goblin players during the volcanic eruption.

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