PvP-70 refers to rare quality equipment that was available for purchase as an honor reward. All items were available for purchase in The Hall of Legends for the Horde, and The Champions' Hall for the Alliance. Since now the Gladiator can be purchased for Honor Points, it is no longer available.

Class Sets Edit

PvP-70 Class sets are five piece rare quality armor sets.

Set Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15 Horde
IconSmall Druid Druid Grand Marshal's Refuge
Grand Marshal's Sanctuary
Grand Marshal's Wildhide
High Warlord's Refuge
High Warlord's Sanctuary
High Warlord's Wildhide
IconSmall Hunter Hunter Grand Marshal's Pursuit High Warlord's Pursuit
IconSmall Mage Mage Grand Marshal's Regalia High Warlord's Regalia
IconSmall Paladin Paladin Grand Marshal's Aegis
Grand Marshal's Redemption
Grand Marshal's Vindication
High Warlord's Aegis
High Warlord's Redemption
High Warlord's Vindication
IconSmall Priest Priest Grand Marshal's Investiture
Grand Marshal's Raiment
High Warlord's Investiture
High Warlord's Raiment
IconSmall Rogue Rogue Grand Marshal's Vestments High Warlord's Vestments
IconSmall Shaman Shaman Grand Marshal's Earthshaker
Grand Marshal's Thunderfist
Grand Marshal's Wartide
High Warlord's Earthshaker
High Warlord's Thunderfist
High Warlord's Wartide
IconSmall Warlock Warlock Grand Marshal's Dreadgear High Warlord's Dreadgear
IconSmall Warrior Warrior Grand Marshal's Battlegear High Warlord's Battlegear