Pure Pwnage is a very popular free web series that started out as a mockumentary of the life of a gamer, but later turned developed a detailed storyline. World of Warcraft is featured in many episodes, and there have been two WoW songs.

There are many elements of machinima in the episodes, but the show is predominately live action.

The web series references many popular gaming terms, and has many elements that are now part of the gaming community. The show's popularity massively grew with series 1 episode 4, and then massively again with series 1 episode 6 largly due to WoW players wanting to see it.

Episodes Edit

Two episodes that feature a lot of WoW are:

  • Episode 6 - IMAPWNU OF AZEROTH
  • Episode 7 - MMO GRRL

Songs Edit

  • Christmas Time in Dun Morogh
  • World of Warcraft is a Feeling

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