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Updated for 3.0/Wrath

PublishMySkills is a tradeskill addon for World of Warcraft that produces a URL with the spell IDs associated with every tradeskill you're capable. This website then uses a local database (populated by querying a variety of wow item databases) to provide you with pretty and complete trade skill pages.

Publish my skills addon

What does this mean to you:

  • Publish all of your trade skills to a web site you can share with others.
  • NOTE: I host this website. You don't need web hosting to use this addon. You don't even need to know what web hosting is to use this addon. =p
  • No files to search for on your hard drive to upload.
  • No possibly dangerous EXE files to run.
  • Just install the addon and follow the directions!
  • The resulting recipe list is also available in XML if you want to plug your own software into it.

Changes since the last release:

  • Updated to send faction
  • Added limited spoof protection. You can no longer trivially edit the URL and upload under someone else's name.
  • Fixed bug that caused it to think that linked trade skills were your own.
  • No longer will list Skinning or Runeforging as skills for upload.

Known issues in the addon:

  • When using AdvancedTradeSkillWindow, PublishMySkills will sometimes fail to note recipes when you open the trade skill window.
  • The addon may generate URLs too large for some browsers (in particular, IE's 2,083 character limit.) If this happens, please tell me. While a particularly unlikely combination of full recipe books (blacksmithing + leatherworking + cooking + first aid) will blow past the limit, I'm hoping that's unlikely. If that's you, you'll have to post using Firefox or Safari or Opera.

You can get the latest version of the addon here:

The published version looks like this:

Publish my skills web

Or you can view the entire page here.

Known issues with the published pages (these'll get fixed and you won't have to do anything to see the fixes):

  • Need to seperate buff food from other kinds.
  • Text "Random Enchantment" sometimes shows up twice, see Heavy Silver Ring
  • Weapon speed looks weird (is bundled into a table)
  • Should use the trade skill specific term, instead of "recipe" on pages (eg Formula, Schematic, Pattern, etc)
  • Socketed items don't show sockets, only socket bonuses

To contact the author, Asu of Thorium Brotherhood, send mail to:

WoWInterface page is here. WOWUI page is here.

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