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Provisioner Nasela is a level 65 Mag'har faction awards vendor located at Garadar in the contested territory of Nagrand. She is located in the southwest corner of town, across the water to the west of the large bonfire; she stands outside of a building, under a reddish roof and next to a Cobalt War Talbuk.

She sells the following:

Provisioner Nasela
<Mag'har Quartermaster>
Item Cost Type
Friendly [Pattern: Netherfury Belt] 12Gold Leatherworking
Honored [Pattern: Reinforced Mining Bag] 5Gold Leatherworking
[Pattern: Netherfury Leggings] 12Gold Leatherworking
[Clefthoof Hide Quiver] 10Gold 18-Slot Quiver
Revered [Recipe: Transmute Fire to Earth] 8Gold Alchemy
[Band of Ancestral Spirits] 17Gold 59Silver 52Copper Ring
[Talbuk Hide Spaulders] 16Gold 71Silver 32Copper Leather
[Tempest Leggings] 21Gold 80Silver 4Copper Leather
[Pattern: Netherfury Boots] 12Gold Leatherworking
Exalted [Hellscream's Will] 52Gold 23Silver 58Copper Two-Handed Axe
[Ceremonial Cover] 12Gold 63Silver 29Copper Cloth
[Earthcaller's Headdress] 20Gold 63Silver 98Copper Mail
[Reins of the Cobalt Riding Talbuk] 70Gold Mount
[Reins of the Silver Riding Talbuk] 70Gold Mount
[Reins of the Tan Riding Talbuk] 70Gold Mount
[Reins of the White Riding Talbuk] 70Gold Mount
[Reins of the Cobalt War Talbuk] 100Gold Mount
[Reins of the Silver War Talbuk] 100Gold Mount
[Reins of the Tan War Talbuk] 100Gold Mount
[Reins of the White War Talbuk] 100Gold Mount
[Mag'har Tabard] 1Gold Tabard

See List of Nagrand NPCs.

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