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Proudmoore usually refers to the ruling family of Kul Tiras. Which member of the family do you mean?


  • The House of Proudmoore of the human nations of Kul Tiras and Theramore Isle
    • IconSmall Proudmoore Daelin, the Lord Admiral that led the island nation of Kul Tiras in the Second War. Grand Admiral of the Alliance.
      • IconSmall Human Male Derek, the eldest son of Daelin Proudmoore. Commander of the third fleet, who perished in the Second War when he came under the attack of dragonriders.
      • IconSmall Jaina2 Jaina, daughter of Daelin Proudmoore and the most powerful human sorceress alive. Founded and ruled the port city of Theramore.
      • IconSmall Human Male Tandred, the youngest son of the Daelin Proudmoore. Following his father's demise he took the position of Lord Admiral of Kul Tiras.
      • IconSmall HalfElf Female Finnall Goldensword, the presumed daughter of Daelin Proudmoore and Kilnar Goldensword.


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