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"Appraiser" Sazsel Stickyfingers +Primal Trader  +
"Chesty" Jake +Excavation Supplies & Repairs  +
"Dragonwing" Dan +Flight Master  +
"Jack" Pisarek Slamfix +Engineering Trainer  +
7:XT +Long Distance Recovery Unit  +
Sophie Aaren +Florist  +
Aargoss +The Soulcleaver  +
Aaron "Sandy Toes" Williamson +Reagents  +
Explorer Abigail +Stable Master  +
Abe the Cabin Boy +The Lady Mehley  +
Innkeeper Abeqwa +Innkeeper  +
Abercrombie +The Hermit  +
Caregiver Abidaar +Innkeeper  +
Aboda +Stable Master  +
Abohba +Assistant Innkeeper  +
Aborius +Fury of Water  +
Bubulo Acerbus +Alliance Cloth Quartermaster  +
Matthew Ackerman +Stable Master  +
Acride +Scarshield Legion  +
Acteon +Hunter Trainer  +
Adam Hossack +Archaeology Trainer  +
Warmage Adami +Flight Master  +
"Grizzly" D. Adams +Venture Coin Vendor  +
Captain Donald Adams +Undercity Quartermaster  +
Kara Adams +Shield Crafter  +

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